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The Beechworth Mountain Bike Park

Located on Alma Road, the Beechworth Mountain Bike Park is an area that is dedicated to Mountain Biking and has Cross Country Single Track, a Jumps Course, a Short Course Downhill and an easy Cross Country Circuit for novices of all ages.

Six Hours at the Park

The Mountain Bike Park is open and always undergoing a bit of tweeking and changes to improve the experience with the approval and help of the Department of Sustainability, Parks Victoria and Indigo Shire Council. These trails are already a pleasure to ride and a great example of a sustainable environment that includes recreation but we want to make it better. We are well into our works program and have rebuilt the Jumps Course with the help from Parks Victoria and will tweak this even more in the future. We have also regenerated areas that have eroded and have removed aging elevated ramps for risk reduction purposes. We have rerouted and lengthened some trails and are working on re-routing the last few bits of unsustainable track and armouring sections that wear heavily. The full intermediate cross country loop is now over 10km and will definitely keep your heart rate up, we have plenty of trail variety and obstacle types to keep you on your toes. Two laps of this loop will see you looking for a rest.

The 1.2km Green Loop is completed and sign posted from the trail head. This loop has been graded as easy and has been designed with an increase of obstacle size and type as you progress around the circuit. This loop is an excellent way for novices to improve their skills and makes an excellent warm up loop for the more experienced riders.

The short course downhill is undergoing a lot of changes so use caution on this trail. The bottom end has had changes and extra B lines are being added to give some variety.

Please use caution when riding on trails that you have not ridden for some as they will have changed, we like to surprise you.

For the latest map of the park download here

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